Corporate Trustee Services

Guildfords provides a selected range of trustee services for financiers, non-bank lenders, borrowers, national and international investment managers and sponsors. Guildfords currently delivers services as the trustee and/or incidental custodian of national and international trusts.

ServiceWhat We Do
Trustee Related Services
Corporate TrusteeAs Corporate Trustee, Guildfords can issue units for wholesale clients in the debt securitisation market and for unregistered wholesale funds.
CustodianGuildfords can act as an Incidental Custodian for Managers in Managed Investment Schemes.
Security TrusteeAs Security Trustee, Guildfords can hold Mortgage, Property and Share security for unit holders and carry out enforcement in the event of default by a particular issuer.
Compliance Services for TrusteesMaintain statements of holdings and completed transaction records and keep records of valuations provided to the asset holder
Create and maintain training registers, human resource policies and compliance policies
Calculate NTA Solvency for managers of schemes in accordance with RG 166
Liaise with outsourced service providers (Legal, Account, Audit) in the provision of contracts and processes as required for the Trust
Review and approve of Manager Investments in a timely and efficient manner

Our Track Record

Guildfords currently provides services as the trustee and/or incidental custodian of a number of national and international trusts.

These services include:

  • Advice/dealing by issue in:
    • Unregistered wholesale managed investment schemes (“MIS”) excl. IDPS
    • Securities
    • Derivatives
  • Dealing on behalf of others in:
    • MIS excl. IDPS
    • Securities
    • Derivatives
    • FOREX
    • General Insurance
  • Incidental Custodial Services
  • Depository Services
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