Our Financial Services

Trustee Services

Guildfords provides a selected range of trustee services for financiers, non-bank lenders, borrowers, national and international investment managers and sponsors. Guildfords currently delivers services as the trustee and/or incidental custodian of national and international trusts.

Compliance Management

Guildfords provides ongoing external compliance support for our clients. This establishes an ongoing and reliable safety net ensuring adherence to changes in legislation.

Corporate Advisory

Guildfords specialises in AFS License applications and have an excellent understanding of the current regulatory landscape. We have assisted businesses across all aspects of the financial services industry, including accounting firms, fund managers, real estate companies, investment banks and insurance companies.

Compliance Reviews for Insurance

Guildfords can assist Insurance Brokers to monitor and supervise all A/R’s under ASIC guidelines by performing compliance reviews and ensuring they remain Compliant.