Ongoing Support

Guildfords provides ongoing external compliance support for our clients. This establishes an ongoing and reliable safety net ensuring adherence to changes in legislation.

Guildfords assumes a role in monitoring and facilitating outsourcing policies encapsulating all of the relevant ASIC Proofs and Regulatory Guides, specifically tailored to your business operations and licence authorisations.

We advise, monitor and supervise Authorised Representatives in relation to their obligations under Corporations Act, AFSL compliance requirements consistent with RG104, general obligations, RG105 organisational competence, RG166 financial requirements, legislative and internal policy requirements.

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Role of Guildfords

  • Record Minutes of the meeting
  • Monitor Solvency and NTA Calculations under RG166
  • For MIS purposes, maintain a 12-month rolling cashflow forecast
  • Keep Policies required by the business operations updated
  • Maintain Registers Covering:
    • Training
    • Breaches
    • Complaints
    • Gifts & Benefits
    • Conflict of Interest

One. Stop. Shop.

To facilitate the compliance management of AFS Licensees and Authorised Representatives, Guildfords has implemented the use of a comprehensive Compliance Management System (“CPMS”). A one-stop-shop for all compliance needs, a CPMS is an enterprise quality risk management software conforming to The International Risk Management Standard, enabling you to manage compliance and risk.

What Is A Cpms Compliance Managgement Page

What is a CPMS?

A CPMS is an integrated system comprised of written documents, functions, processes, controls and tools that help an organisation comply with its legislative requirements, industry codes, standards of good corporate governance, best practices, ethics and community expectations.

Responsible entities of registered schemes, wholesale schemes, investor directed portfolio services, manages discretionary accounts, and Australian passport funds must each have a compliance management system

Key features of a CPMS


Compliance controls that will respond to the identified compliance obligations, risks and objectives


Appropriate documentation and record keeping


Procedures dealing with non-compliance

Design and functionality of CPMS

Guildfords uses CPMS to allow their clients full access to a policies, risk assessment capabilities, controls and questionnaires through an online compliance platform.


Onboarding of all A/R’s operating under your license, allowing all their compliance work to be documented and relevant questionnaires to be sent automatically each month.

Document Management

This feature allows for effective and easy to use document storage and management. Different documents pertaining to different issues such as risk or policy are organised under different sub headings, allowing for logical document management.

Ongoing Compliance Management

Guildfords’ CPMS assists in the provision of all ongoing compliance requirements under ASIC regulatory guidelines. This includes: maintaining registers, policies, storing financial documentation and conducting internal audits on the licensee as well as coordinating external audit.

Audit Icon

Audit Trial

Allows for a clear audit trail of any compliance work done to ensure that previous work is easily found and documented effectively.

Ease Icon

Ease Of Use

Fast interfaces, user experience, reporting through the latest database design and web technology, coupled with Wikipedia style user guide and easy to learn user interface means no steep learning curve.

Security Icon


All of your information is securely held, and all communications are safely encrypted, with fully encrypted backups occurring frequently and at regular intervals.

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