Guildfords’ staff demonstrate relevant experience and organisational competence across diverse market sectors

Guildfords has been offering corporate advisory, trustee and custodial services for over a decade to a broad range of small to medium clients in a variety of industries, including property, agriculture, industrial and financial services clients.

We have recently expanded to specialise in four service areas: Corporate Advisory, Trustee & Incidental Custodian, Compliance Management, and Compliance Reviews for the Insurance Industry.

Based in Australia, we operate throughout the Asia Pacific region, with strong business partnerships particularly in Singapore, China and nationally across Australia and New Zealand. Guildfords believes that success is achieved by creating collaborative and inclusive partnerships with our clients, delivering a quality and world class service.

Guildfords has developed an excellent team with a broad range of experience and knowledge. For each client, we tailor a team based on the priorities and objectives of your business. Guildfords has strong traditional values, coupled with a modern and innovative outlook. Our team achieves results, through designing and implementing objective and practical strategies, with a focus on producing desired agreed business outcomes.

Our Goals & Values

We believe our strength lies in our relationships, both with our clients and across the industry. We pride ourselves in maintaining our collaborative goals and values.

Organisational Competence

We understand the requirements for Licensing in relation to demonstration of knowledge and skills under RG 105 proposition.


We have experience in providing general financial advice and dealing services across a wide and diversified market base.

Forward Strategy

Our aim is to understand your future and anticipate your licensing requirements now and into the future. This ensures you and your business can transition smoothly through business growth, acquisition or any other foreseeable future events.

Build Value

Our approach is to conduct an efficient compliance service while you design and grow your funds under management and business.

Reduce ‘Noise’ and ‘Downtime’

We will ensure you devote most of your time working ‘in’ and ‘on’ your business not managing your compliance obligations.


Our goal for A/R’s is to ensure a full suite of policies that enable you to undertake your financial services business immediately while covered by relevant ASIC guidelines.

Distribution Networks

Our relevant experience in diverse market sectors means we can provide you with networks and relationships that will assist you in business growth.


Our streamlined financial services business can offer complimentary services, in corporate governance, advisory, licensing regimes and understanding of the Australian regulatory landscape, funds management, valuation, compliance and financial modelling.